Upgrade Your Life with the



PEGS Assessment




Your life can be upgraded to what you want.  Your job can be what you want.  Use the tool that NASA has used, and in various forms, along with over 35,000 other people to help make you content and a success at your current or new job.



Many of us think that our job is not meant to be fulfilling and that we shouldn't wish for work that we actually enjoy.  Wouldn't it be great to look forward to going to work each day?  Our lives would truly be better if that were the case.  But we think that just isn't possible.


But it is possible.  We just lack the knowledge we need to bring this change about.  The knowledge that we need deals with ourselves.  Most of us don't know ourselves very well at all.  We go through life doing jobs that don't fit us, much like trying to cram a square peg into a round hole.  There are going to be problems when we try to do that.



A great example of the usage of the PEGS assessment is when NASA chooses astronauts.  They want to know exactly what each one does best and how that fits with other people so that a team in space is working as well as possible.  Dr. Terry McGuire at NASA has used the PEGS assessment to do just that.  Using the PEGS Assessment extensively, NASA has utilized it both in astronaut selection and in deciding crew compatibility.  You will be taking an expanded version of this same assessment.



We are offering you a tool that will help you organize facets of your personality and what kind of work that fits you best.  Would you like to know this?  All of us would and the PEGS Vocational Assessment will do exactly that.  First you answer the questions in the PEGS (Personnel, Evaluation, Guidance and Selection) assessment.  A report will be emailed to you and is approximately 12 pages long, giving you in depth information about yourself.



There are several great reasons to take the PEGS career assessment.


     -Identify and describe personality strengths that you bring to any career in language that an employer can understand and appreciate


     -Predict areas of change and growth so that you may select a job that will allow you to grow to your potential


     -Identify your weaker areas of natural ability so that you may avoid undue stress, burnout, and potential failure


     -Identify the unique way in which you view your world, communication style, and potentially difficult "fits" with employers, supervisors or other relationships


     -Know the subject matter that you work with and the specific ways in which you use these most effectively


     -Identify specific D.O.T. numbers that tie your interests and abilities to a reference for exploring careers from among 17,000 potential career opportunities


     -Describe general activities in which you have had interest and success to allow you a "big picture" view of what you enjoy and do well


     -Identify basic and often unconscious psychological needs that must be met by any job if you are to be satisfied, happy and successful


The PEGS vocational profile is nothing like the common matchmaking questionnaire.  It was written by practicing, licensed psychologists that know what people need.





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